AAC Communication Boards

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What is Picto4me?

Picto4Me is a free web application for the Chrome browser that lets you create and play communication boards online. Boards can be displayed on tablets, chromebooks and any Google Chrome Browser compatible device. You can also build association games with silhouettes and puzzles. You can easly pick images from optimized libraries or from the web, stored as well straight from your webcam. Picto4me support TTS (Text to speech) and webcam and microphone. Project files are stored in your Google Drive account.


The powerful editor allow you to search or upload images to your boards. Transform text to speech in a click, or record phrases with your own voice. Apply effects and create amazing games with shadows and mazes pieces. Link any images to other boards.


Saved boards can be played in tablet/smartphone and a scanning system will help individuals with disabilities to select of the desired action (play the sound, open new board or keybaord).


Save your boards projects in your Google Drive and share them with other professional, patient or parent

Chat on Telegram

Create personal boards to communicate via Telegram. Send predefined messages or listen to the received typed messages.

How it works?

It is really easy to create communication boards. All you have to do is click on an empty cell to search for the image you want to insert. You can freely drag-and-drop images to any cell. If you provide a description to your image, picto4me will transcript it to the audio to be played.

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